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    R9 270x Black screen


      AMD FX-6300
      HIS R9 270x Turbo Icex^2

      G.Skill RipJaw 8GB


      First thing, I transferred my Steam games into another hard drive, installed the games again. I downloaded Skyrim Script Extender, Nexus Mod Manager, and SkyUI. I managed to play Skyrim for 45 mins. After that, my screen got green and grey colors. I restarted my PC, tried to play it again, then it started flickering with green and grey. until it crashed. I restarted again, after Windows loading screen, its all black. Then I tried to reinstall windows, but whenever I install AMD drivers old and new, it just went black screen, unresponsive keyboard and mouse. I'm out of ideas on how to fix this issue. Please help. I also look into device manager, it just says Microsoft Basic Graphic Adapter (something like that).