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Artifacts and black screen after resuming from Sleep Mode. (16.12.1)

Question asked by lightningterror on Dec 8, 2016



With the latest driver update when I resume the system from sleep mode I get artifacts for several seconds ( maybe 10 seconds ) and after that the screen goes black and the system is not responding. No errors are shown in event log.

The only workaround for this is restarting the system.


Tried reinstalling the drivers a couple of times and it didn't work ( ddu included ) sfc scan and all other options don't seem to fix the issue.

This isn't present on previous driver releases.


Edit: I found the issue. It seems to happen when msi Afterburner is running as well when resuming from sleep.


System specs:

os: windows 7 64bit sp1 with latest updates

gpu: Asus AMD Radeon R7 360 OC 2GDDR5

cpu: i3 4160

ram: 2x8gb Hyper X savage ram

mobo: Asrock b85m dgs

psu: corsair cx 430 ( third release)

Problem driver 16.12.1

Last known working driver 16.11.5