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    What generation is my FX 8350


      What generation is my FX 8350?

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          Hello mariosgs,


          Please take a look at http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-FX-Series%20FX-8350.html , from where we could make sure it is based on Piledriver Microarchitecture, the second generation of Bulldozer based processor. If you are interested in my work on Wikipedia.org, you could also take a look at a table, from Discussion:X86 — Wikipédia . I sort those processors as the 8th/9th generation of x86 processors. I have several reasons, Bulldozer is the first microarchitecture released by AMD to implement multi-thread, or SMT, Simultaneous Multi Threading, which is a x86 processor feature re-brought by Intel for their processors, Intel Nehalem. The module model of AMD Bulldozer is just similar with HT but on another level. It is a feature first brought out when Pentium 4 Northwood (7th gen. x86) was released. When AMD released Hammer based processor, x86-64 was main competition purpose among manufactures, and those early 64-bit x86 processors are sorted into the 8th generation. During that period, Sony released their 7th game console, PlayStation 3, which deployed with SIT Cell processor, which is the early conceptual APU for PowerPC architecture. Then the purpose for the next generation of x86 processors was the x86 version of APU. Both AMD and Intel integrated their GPU onto the processor die to make the de-facto x86 APU, and those processors are sorted into the 9th generation. The bulldozer processor and its succeeding versions are just left into this sort, 8th/9th.


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