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    Which driver should I install for AMD Radeon dual graphics?


      i've been tried to install driver for my laptop win10

      but the cd driver running for win8.1, so when i try to install the driver, it's notice me an error being installation,

      so i try to download the driver from internet, but i dont have an idea which driver is correct for my laptop

      it is the right driver for my laptop http://www.amd.com/en-us/innovations/software-technologies/dual-graphics ?


      my laptop has a spesification like this:

      - Radeon dual graphics R7+R5 M230;

      - AMD Quad Core FX-7500 up to 3.3GHz (it's reccomended to set my CPU to 3.3GHz?)


      for now, i've installed both of Catalyst Control and Radeon Setting in my laptop