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R9 390 no signal after leaving PC on overnight

Question asked by leroyvoss on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by redfury

So I have this weird issue with my R9 390. Each time I leave my PC on overnight, when I wake up and try to use I get no signal from the GPU. This happened on the most recent bunch of drivers, including the latest one.


For example, I left it on tonight running a torrent client and a 3D videogame that's not graphically heavy by any means (I'm testing a bot software that automatically plays this videogame according to some logic). Yesterday evening everything was working fine, today I wake up, turn on the monitor and no signal. I move the mouse, press buttons on the keyboard but nothing. No video signal. The PC itself looks like running fine, all fans and lights on.


This happened each time I left the PC overnight lately. I also formatted my PC before leaving it on last night but no luck.


I'm quite sure it's a GPU related problem but can't figure out what. The GPU is running OK apart from random and very rare GPU related black screen crashes while using the PC (just experienced them a couple of times).


Additional info:

- I have the automatic stand-by of the PC and the  the automatic power off of the monitor already disabled. It's one of the first things I disable when I install Windows.

- Unplugging and plugging back the HDMI cable in the GPU does nothing for me.


Any help guys? I'd really appreciate.



The most important thing I should mention is that I tried to disable the dedicated GPU (R9 390) and using only the integrated one on my CPU (i7 6700). Result: no crashes during the whole night and during the whole day, with the exact same programs running on Windows. This is definitely a GPU issue, more specifically a driver issue since months ago I left my PC on overnight without having no-signal crashes of any sort, using my R9 390 of course.