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Radeon Additional Settings does not open yet again, and again, and again

Question asked by vulgo on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by vulgo

I'm getting really tired of AMD's bugged software.


I turned my computer 1h and 45min ago, and still couldn't do anything I needed to do, because I want my hardware working as it should. I'm tired of wasting time troubleshooting and working around the stuff you should fix.


I only wanted to adjust my Saturation and Gamma settings, on the Radeon Additional Settings window. It doesn't open, it does nothing. Sometimes CLI.exe still tries to open, but closes. Most of the time it does nothing, not even a small load time. Nothing. Since this was a problem I was already aware of, and since I had fixed it months ago, on earlier driver versions, by reinstalling drivers, I tried doing the same now. Uninstalled the drivers I had, can't remember the version I had previously, and took the chance to update the drivers to the latest 16.10.3 version. I did that and nothing again. No Radeon Additional Settings. Tried uninstalling drivers again, and purging my system of any AMD related software or drivers, making sure I was making a clean driver install. And still nothing! I'm honestly mad! Is it so hard? To not screw that up? I'm tired of doing reinstalls, I shouldn't even have to do that! Fix your stuff, get your crap together, AMD! I've been using AMD since 2002, and it's already a looooong time putting up with your software inconsistencies, which is a shame, because the hardware is actually good (most of the time - will never forget the stress I had to endure with several faulty 9800's I needed to replace back in 2003, but that is water under the bridge now).


Performance wise I'm happy with what I have, I own a R9 380 and it is enough for my needs, but, hell, YOUR DRIVERS SUCK. I never complained about anything, I always tried giving the benefit of the doubt, and put effort on working around the issues, but one gets tired of this crap.


What the hell should I do know? I want to recover Radeon Additional Settings. And if I have to do more uninstalls/reinstalls, for me, that will be basically AMD saying ***k you to a customer face.