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DXVA on RX460 , 0Mhz reading questions.

Question asked by vonchen on Aug 17, 2016
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I got my new Powercolor AXRX 460 2GBD5-DH/OC few days ago. Gaming is fine.

But I have many problems with DXVA and WattMan UI/Fan control.


My spec:


GIGABYTE B75M-D3H BIOS F15(changed from MSI ZH77A-G43)

8GB+8GB DDR3 1333 RAM no OC.

Benq GL2450 on DVI

Seasonic G-650W

Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1607 updated

Driver: 16.8.1 and 16.8.2.

I do not OC. All runs in default setting.

I built a clean install Win10 1607+16.8.2. All issue persists.




Problem 1: DXVA caused 0 MHz reading

Although it seems no effect to anything.


This only happens when I play DXVA videos.(MPC-HC or youtube). GPU core clock(not usage) will down to 0 MHz shortly and back to 2xxMHz. Sometimes in WattMan it will keeps showing 0 MHz, but GPU-Z shows it now back to 2xxMHz.


In this video we can see more clear about how 0 reading happens:

DXVA acts strangely RX460 16.8.1 - YouTube






I never got 0 MHz reading while gaming:



Problem 2: While using DXVA, display driver randomly stopped (both 16.8.1&16.8.2). Gaming is fine, never have stop while gaming.




All were caused when using DXVA:



Problem 3: DXVA caused Fan runs to Max speed unexpectedly and randomly. Or sometimes gives me strange reading(Fan is not working but shows XX RPM)

From the picture below we can see the Temperature is only 44 degree C but Fan speed is 3132RPM. It should be 0 RPM. Also the target / Max temperature 80-80 is not my wrong setting. It jumps to 80-80 automatically while Fan suddenly began working. Only happens on using DXVA randomly. Not every time.



Error reading 141 RPM:




Problem 4: Radeon Settings WattMan  UI freezing / WattMan  UI crashed when using WattMan randomly, after crashed I needs to re-open Radeon settings again to use WattMan.


WattMan UI crazy freezing:

When I am using WattMan UI(when FAN 0RPM), it is very laggy/freezing. In the video below shows that mouse cursor moved but slider bar's moving is delay for about 3 or more Seconds. UI still usable but everytime WattMan outputs the usage graphic on the top, I got a lag/freezing Radeon Settings window.(only the window not full screen.)

WattMan UI lag issue 16.8.1 RX460 - YouTube

But if Fan starting to work, WattMan UI freezing disappeared and runs smooth.

While Fan is working WattMan UI no lag - YouTube


WattMan UI crash:

Not every time but often. Next time I can launch it without crash, and next time I got it again.

If I logout and login windows, first time WattMan opening will be fine, and then next time I got it again.




I only modify Fan settings and Temperature settings but even default settings these issues persists.



Seriously, I encountered hardware failure these days before and after I bought RX 460. First is my old friend HD7850 died, second is 2 of bad 2GB memory, third is my motherboard died. They worked with me for more than 3 years. Other parts are still working. So I thought yes it could be my PC's problem.


But after I replaced/removed the bad hardware, the story is not stopping.

1.All issues are still persist. Even on a brand new mother board.

2.Only happens when I am using DXVA.

3.Issues about WattMan UI there are many reports out there.(ex: reddit) This means not only me.

4.Nothing about DDU, A Clean Install Win10 1607 +16.8.2 has same issue.

Gaming testing is fine. EX: BIO HAZARD benchmark or 3D MARK, and 3D online game TERA.


So I wonder this is ether driver issue or bad video card.


I am hard to believe that the latest released card is a bad hardware(In Taiwan it is even not so easy to get the newly RX400s card, they are almost sold out as soon as it released), plus it only happens if I am using DXVA.


While gaming I am happy with this new video card, so I believe this is driver issue related to DXVA.


I had reported some of these issues to AMD bug report. I hope this is only driver issue.


Any commit or suggestion is appreciated.



English is not my main language, sorry for my bad English.