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    Rx480 driver problems


      Cpu : intel g4400

      Ram : 8gb ddr4

      Ssd : 120gb

      Mobo: gigabyte h170-d3h

      Psu: seasonic m12ii 520w

      Card: Sapphire nitro rx480 4gb

      Windows 10 home 64bit


      Can't seem to install any version of the drivers for this model... Have clean installed windows over and over again and trying to reinstall 16.9.2 drivers only to have the screen turn black(while installing) and hanging up.. waited for 3 hours before finally unplugging the computer. Booted up into safe mode and used DDU to remove said driver. Same thing happened with 16.7.2 and 16.7.3... Sometimes when it does install successfully, upon reboot will be met with bsod (atikmpag/atikmdag.sys errors) and even opening up the start menu will cause system to crawl slowly.


      How can i fix this? Tried searching throughout this forum and google but everything i tried failed. I have tried to reseat the gpu, clearing cmos, fresh windows installation(multiple times) and even different driver versions...