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(Games) Dragon Nest lower frame problems

Question asked by lovelyy04 on Oct 10, 2016
I am a person living in South Korea. RX460 recently purchased a card. I play games (Dragon Nest) This is to be a frame is too low
In the Radeon driver (Dragon Nest) The optimized support is needed.
Dragon Nest game is optimized nvidia In the village 20 ~ 35 1920X1080 Hunting (Dungeon) 30~40 Take care of some tests. AMD Please test game
개발사도 손을 놓았는지 게임 최적화가 진짜.. 나온지 오래 6년된 게임인가 그런데.
발적화도 이런 발적화도 없어 아기자기한 캐릭터 치고 엔진이 구린지. 서버가 구린지.
하드웨어 성능을 못 따라옴 이게임 자체가.. 듀얼코어 기반 게임이기도 하고..
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