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black screen when installing drivers on 7850

Question asked by lilith on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by theramblingrep

so I just did a new install of windows 10 x64 pro edition and when I go to install the newest drivers for my MSI 7850 (16.9.2) the screen goes black and stays black forever.


I have to turn off the machine by holding the power button.


I tried installing drivers 16.7.3 but the same thing happens.


I then tried to let windows update download the drivers it wanted for the card on its own and the same thing happens when it tried to install them.


I dont know whats going on,could it be that the card has been damaged or something?


here's my pc


windows 10 x64 pro

500W PSU

AMD FX6300

AMD MSI 7850 1GB


the motherboard is a gigabyte with 970 chipset I think,if it matters,I can find the model


I've had this system for around 3 years and it had no problems


I'm also thinking that the PSU could be going bad as I've had it for like 7-8 years and it's only 500W,it also doesn't have the required connections to power the card so my brother has connected it through other cables on the pc,I think they're called 4pin molex or something...I'm not sure about that but I can ask if it's important.





that I had downloaded windows 10 anniversary update 3 days before and that the reason I formatted my pc was because when I was playing a game,the screen froze with broken graphics once and I had to push the reset button.

when it came on,it froze at a black screen right after the motherboard logo but a new reset got me into windows


the following day,the screen would flicker instantly every 2-3 mins with artifacts when playing a game so I decided to restart the pc hoping it would fix it but after that,the pc stayed at the black screen everytime it tried to start.

it would boot in safe mode and it would say "bootmgr.exe is missing" when starting in normal mode.

I tried a lot of fixes but nothing seemed to solve it.


I thought maybe the anniversary update messed something up so I decided to format and here we are today


I don't know what to do anymore

my suspects are either the PSU or the GPU since there are still problems after a new format.


thanks in advance everyone and sorry if I put this in the wrong section,a mod can move this if they think its best.