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my graphics crashed since I updated drivers.

Question asked by abuelitovip on Oct 3, 2016

two weeks ago I updated my graphics drivers and now is unable to reach half fps, constantly hangs, when streaming videos youtube the screen freezes and I have to turn off all the equipment.


I've tried changing the drivers, using the amd cleaner, I have spent antivirus and even factory drivers laptop but the problem remains the same and it all happened when updating drivers.


I think that somehow have broken the graph and what I read has happened to more people similar cases that were not resolved by formatting.


To give you an idea with the "performance test" of "PassMark" had this punctuation:

DirectX 9 = 12

directx 10 = 1

and now the results are always these:

DirectX 9 = 5

directx 10 = 0


I tried to reinstall windows framework, restoring backups of all drivers with Glary Utilities and nothing.


This seems a way to force us to retire a graph but in my case is a portable and after the experience left me little desire to buy back some of the Ati brand.


In performance tests 2D PC completely, before working perfectly


attachment to the old PassMark analysis and last analysis, it is now impossible to complete the analysis 2D