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RX480 Crashing only with Windows 10 Anniversary update installed

Question asked by pixelated_poro on Sep 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by pixelated_poro

hello I have been around here for a few weeks now since I got my Gigabyte RX480 G1 4GB card and ever since getting the card everytime windows installs the 16xx Anniversary Update any game I play crashes forcing me to reboot my PC (Crashes to a black screen just a buzzing noise playing, as I'm using audio via hdmi) anyway thought I would post my experience with this as its rather frustrating, I ended up reverting to a older windows 10 build (15xx) and blocking the updates and its works flawlessly so I know it must be a AMD driver issue.


So far I have DDU + latest drivers (still crashes on 16xx windows 10 build)

clean installed PC to 16xx windows 10 build clean installed all system drivers still crashes

ran mem test 86+ no issues found

Clean installed windows 10 15xx build (Had a older ISO of it) Everything works perfectly

Updated in windows from 15xx build to 16xx build, Crashes in games instantly

DDU+Installed GTX760 on 16xx build games work fine (wanted to confirm again it was not my system)

Reverted back to 15xx windows 10 and DDU+RX480 installed again everything works perfect yet again not a single crash


I'll post my system specs too, this needs sorting soon AMD as its rather frustrating I now can't install any windows updates because your drivers/card crash the entire system!

CPU: FX8320 (All stock speeds no OC)(H110 Cooler all temps perfect)

Mobo: Gigabyte UD5-990FXA (Rev1.0) (Running latest bios too)

RAM:16 Kingston Hyper x fury (tested all sticks separately with memtest 86+ for 3 hours each no issues found)

GPU: Gigabyte RX480 G1 4GB (All speeds stock, compatibility mode on)

PSU: OCZ 750w 80+ bronze (Tested this as well with a psu tester nothing wrong with it, also tried a brand new PSU my father had in my system same issue, new psu was a 600w EVGA 80+ unit)

SSD/HHD: Samsung 850 120gb x1, Seagate 1TB HDD x2

Misc: NZXT grid+, Molex powered LED x2(Red)


So hoping someone from AMD passes this on to driver folk, its 100% the driver not liking the windows 10 16xx build and not the card as I even stress tested the card and everything was fine, hope this gets sorted soon as its a joke worst experience since its my first AMD card ._.


TLDR: its not the system its the driver no liking windows 10 16xx build, even with the latest drivers