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i cant see my amd gpu on windows 10 like it doesent exist its 8730m in Dell laptop pls help

Question asked by steva2 on Sep 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by kingfish

I installed windows 10 yesterday and all went well at first.... or so I tought so bascly when I open up device menager under display adapters there is only intel hd4000 so I was werry concerned why only integrated graphic shows up and not the 8730m whitch I have in my dell laptop 5521-8480 even thoug I downloaded and installed radeon crimson drivers( it finished mutch faster than usual) so afterwards I searched left and right for help and didn't find any I reinsaled windows and tried  installing chipset drivers and than amd drivers right away but no luck. so the main problem is that the system doesent se my dedicated graphic at all. (when I use radeonautoDetect or whatewer its called it only shows intel hd4000 aswell so this pissed me quite a bit) PLEASE HELP ME (an I'm sorry for my bad English)