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Random 100% fan speed while using msi afterburner or asus gputweakII running with rx480

Question asked by dmcybe on Sep 17, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2016 by vonchen

Hi everytime i use msi afterburner or asus gpu tweak II running in background doesnt matter which one i use. my fan will randomly run at 100% even if nothing is overclocked. when i try to change the fan speed i get a BSOD say device thread stuck on error. im using 16.9.1 drivers i never had a problem with 16.7.2 hotfix driver.


Windows 10 pro 64-bit AU

Asrock FM2a88x+ killer

amd apu a10-7890K

16gb of ram

asus RX480 8gb reference card

evga 700 watts psu