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Radeon Settings WattMan Crash

Question asked by mike_a on Sep 13, 2016
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Ever since I purchased my RX 480 a few weeks ago I've been using AMD Radeon Settings. I use WattMan to keep my temperatures low since the "automatic" fan setting bakes my computer (manual keeps it 65~% cooler than automatic).

Every few hours WattMan crashes and caused the whole Radeon Settings application to crash. This occurs when I open Radeon Settings, click Gaming, then once I click "Global WattMan" it throws the following error:
radeon settings host application has stopped working


This is not a big deal, but it is a big hassle. Having to re-open the Radeon Settings application every few hours is tremendously annoying. I've tried reinstalling and no fix, it seems like a flaw with the software.


Anyone have a temporarily solution? Or should I uninstall the AMD software and use a third party software to manage my fan speeds?