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    Radeon Settings WattMan Crash




      Ever since I purchased my RX 480 a few weeks ago I've been using AMD Radeon Settings. I use WattMan to keep my temperatures low since the "automatic" fan setting bakes my computer (manual keeps it 65~% cooler than automatic).

      Every few hours WattMan crashes and caused the whole Radeon Settings application to crash. This occurs when I open Radeon Settings, click Gaming, then once I click "Global WattMan" it throws the following error:
      radeon settings host application has stopped working


      This is not a big deal, but it is a big hassle. Having to re-open the Radeon Settings application every few hours is tremendously annoying. I've tried reinstalling and no fix, it seems like a flaw with the software.


      Anyone have a temporarily solution? Or should I uninstall the AMD software and use a third party software to manage my fan speeds?

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          I have RX460 and experiencing same issue. I tried some , and always have same result in the end. So no temporary solution .


          This issue has been reported starting from July .

          Qt5Gui.dll crashes RadeonSettings.exe every single time I click on the WattMan tab.

          rx480 Radeon Settings/Wattman Continually crashing..


          If you do not using any DXVA/Hardware Acceleration things for playing videos, you can try to uninstall Radeon settings and use afterburner 4.3.0beta14.


          But if you are using DXVA for videos, for now 3rd-party GPU tool seems have problem with RX400's Fan spin control. It sometimes crash Fan control and Fan goes 100% speed without a reason. This issue did not fix yet on 16.9.1, too. At least in my case.

          rx 480 fan going to 100%


          You still can try to only install driver without radeon settings to see if it works for you. But I can not do that, I still have needs to use Radeon settings.


          As for when will the fix come , I do not know.

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            Hello! I have the same issue. Even with the latest 16.9.2 WHQL drivers. If I open Wattman after setting custom fan profile and play games, it always crashes and it says "radeon settings host application has stopped working". Do you still have this issue, if not can you tell me the solution? Also, do you have MSI Afterburner installed? Because some people say that it is related to AB. But I want to monitor my temps during the game so MSI AB is essential for me. My GPU is RX 480 Nitro+ 8GB. Thanks!

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              Just purchased a RX 480 and am having a similar issue.  I don't even use Wattman, have never even touched any of the settings.  Just doing a quick search it looks like this has been an ongoing issue since the summer of last year, with no solutions or temporary fixes being provided by AMD.


              Shame, I decided to come back AMD after being a team green for many years and looks like I'll now have to return the card...I want to keep it, it's a fantastic piece of hardware but once again AMD drivers are the problem.