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        Using it for a few days now, have no issue. Ever since I went to 16.7.3 driver, GPU fan never jumped to 100% for no reason.

        It seems its only the issue with the latest driver.

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          Are you using speedfan with manual control or did you create a temp/speed curve?    

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            Formatting my pc seem to solve the problem, will report back if my fan goes crazy again.

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              My MSI RX480 Gaming x 8gb has the same problem too . I can sure its the driver problem and amd does nothing .

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                This bug happens 2 me 2 once per day at specific time with like 35 celcius.I want to say something that may be important and be the cause of those bugs.It's either the drivers the most obvious 1 or some conflict with previous not unistalled properly drivers.Let me explain when I 1st turned on the pc I installed for my mobo chipset drivers which was for os 8.1 and that may be the cause of all this.cause after that I went to sapphire and downloaded the autodetect and installed drivers older which was for 8.1 and said that would be more compatible with the mobo...Anyway these drivers disappeared like in the next restart.After I realized that I went and downloaded 16.8.2 from amd site and all these sh1t started.(My machine runs windows 10).So maybe are the drivers itself or some conflict. I am really lazy to do a format so soon to test things but I wanted you to know maybe you did something similar.I control my gpu fan with sapphire trixx no probs for like 12-13 hours and really late at night is when gpu fan gets possessed...Also msi AB can't detect my gpu temp so I find that also weird as well.i hope deh will report again if something changed with reformatting.

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                  same problem here, I'm using RX 470 (mine is Power Color Red Devil) in my case the fan going to 100% when I just turn on my pc

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                    Yep same card same problem.

                    Randomly will ramp up but it normally stops after about 3-4 minutes.

                    GPU is not getting hot.


                    Got to be RX480/Wattman non-communication problem.

                    Probably RX480 BIOS update will fix because my R9 worked with it.

                    Unfortunately that means MSI/AMD have to work together to fix it.

                    Maybe by Christmas when Zen comes out.

                    RX480 BIOS is probably burnt for Zen chipset and not really compatible with 990FX.

                    Also does not work with Afterburner which came with card.

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                      This problem is showing up on other threads on this forum and on Overclockers. It's presenting on the new RX series cards(mine is RX460 2GB), various Windows flavours, all driver versions, randomly bringing the GPU up to 100%. Sometimes a reboot works, sometimes not. I even got it after uninstalling all Crimson and AMD drivers using DDU and booting up with MS basic graphics drivers. After installing the minimal driver install working again, but have been there before. AMD have commented on the Overclockers forum thay are looking into this and will issue a new driver, but is this a comaptibilty problem with Windows? I just got an email from XFS recommending I RMA the card(which is my second one with this problem). This needs an urgent fix.

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                        i found problem in MSI RX480 gaming X

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                          begin turn on my computer. I can't adjust speed fan on MSI afterburner (buttom auto is disable) RPM fan speed at 100% all time, at temp 30-40 standby or 50 up when I'm play game

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                            Can confirm, I have reinstalled Windows, and have had no problems for two days now. Running latest beta drivers..

                            Will report as well, if the issue reappears.

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                              Re: rx 480 fan going to 100%


                              I had the same 100% fan speed problem, (light load, temp < 55C) occurring about twice a day.  Like you, I had to reset the computer to fix the problem.

                              I have a Asus RX 470, 4GB, card  which I acquired about 3 weeks ago.

                              I downloaded the latest version of Asus GPU Tweak ll,(TODO corp) to set the operational parameters  of the graphics card.

                              I notice the Tweaker program caused a problem with the Chrome browser's  bookmark bar pull down menu, so I uninstalled Tweaker,  and started setting the card operating parameters with the Wattman program only.

                              This appears to have also solved the fan problem for me.  It has been about 2 weeks without any fan problems.

                              If you use a Sapphire tweaker program, which could have been also developed by TODO, instead of using Wattman, this fix might work for you.

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                                I just found this thread. I have the same issue on my Powercolor RX460 2G.

                                Unreasonable Fan goes to TOP speed, while  Windows is running and temperature is obviously not high.


                                If I only play games, this issue will not occur.

                                If I only play videos but disable any of DXVA technology options, this issue will not occur.


                                If I only play videos but enable DXVA technology options, this issue occurs some times.

                                If I play DXVA videos and then play games, this issue have higher chance to occur.


                                But I also found that when this issue occurs, afterburner or GPU-Z is running in background.

                                I am now starting to test a scenario that not using these tools.


                                Sometimes when this occurred, the driver is just not responding any Fan speed re-control command.It seems driver 's Fan control function is totally died at driver it self. WattMan/Afterburner are the same,they have no control with Fan. If temp over 60 degree C Fan goes top if temp below 60 degree Fan stop and then it goes to top again if temp > 60 degreec. Only reboot can stop this.


                                Below is what I reported to AMD , anyone can try it.

                                Unreasonable 100% Fan speed



                                1. Launch afterburner 430beta14 or GPU-Z 1.10.0 or WattMan in background(I will suggest launch them all)

                                2. Launch potplayer64bit + LAV DXVA copy-back+bluskyfrc+Fluid enable all DXVA option

                                3. Play a dxva enabled video 30FPS

                                4. Press play/stop button for several times, and then close player app, make sure a little lag when closing the player app

                                5. Launch any game and wait till temperature up to 60 degree C and Fan starting to spin.

                                Then got a Fan 100% issue randomly by above steps. I will suggest to run this test while gaming so it will have higher chance to occur.

                                I have my own thread fro bug describing if interesting :

                                DXVA on RX460 , 0Mhz reading questions.

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                                  formated my pc and got no fan problems, but i decided to install msi afterburner this week and got this problem 2 times last night.    

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                                    Try uninstalling the MSI afterburner program, and only use the Wattman program  to manually set the fan speed and GPU parameters. This might fix the fan problem for you. There could be a conflict between AMD Wattman and the graphics card's custom GPU/fan parameter setting program.  Both programs probably  use the same Windows registry files , config files, and GPU/fan data registers. This might cause an occasional fan parameter error.

                                    In my experience, using Wattman  by itself, does not create the 100% run fan problem. However, there remains a software problem that needs to be fixed by AMD.

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