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almost instant crashing on games and benchmarking display driver has stopped responding

Question asked by farranuk on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by farranuk

Hi there, I've had this issue for a while so I thought id try my luck on here!


I have been crashing on games and gpu benchmarking within seconds, Occasionally it will black screen and lose display and i have to restart the system, but most times I get the message "AMD driver stopped responding and recovered" and crashes back to desktop but usually starts with the screen freezing then a horizontal tear across the screen.

This happens on all games! from new ones like doom too old games like age of empires which both worked fine a few months ago.


If i run games and benchmarks without my graphics card installed I get no issue on my on board graphics.


RMA'd my graphics card as i thought that was the obvious issue but after that showed no sign of improvement I RMA'd the ram as it was showing 11 errors in 5 passes on memtest86 plus

Ran another memtest on the new modules for another 5 passes and showed no errors

Sadly this has not resolved my issue, although it seems to take a few more seconds to crash now.


I have tried multiple different drivers for my graphics card using DDU in between each attempt, tried this again after a clean install still no luck.

Checked cables on my card which seemed fine but swapped them out with spares I had just in case.


Heat doesn't seem to be an issue in this as it crashes before the card has a chance to heat up and my cpu is running quite cool with a hyper evo 212 and i think my air flow is adequate




Win10 pro

i7 4970k

MSI 390x

MSI z97 mobo

EVGA GQ 750w

2x8 Corsair vengeance 1866mhz

250GB Samsung SSD


other various 2.5 drives


Nothing is overclocked other than factory overclocking.

Please any suggestions are welcome! this is a very frustrating problem