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    AMD Red Team August Giveaway: HP Pavilion Notebook


      What's better than heading into the school year with your old notebook? Entering the 2016 school year with a NEW HP Pavilion Notebook! What a coincidence, we are giving one away for the Red Team August Giveaway!


      HP Pavilion Notebook Specs:

      • AMD Quad-Core A10-8700P
      • 1TB Hard Drive
      • 8192MB DDR3 SDRAM
      • Windows 10
      • 15.6" Diagonal HD LED Display
      • WLAN & Bluetooth
      • B&O Play


      To Enter:

      1. Register for the Red Team Forum
      2. Share your PC Specs in the Red Rig Showcase
        1. Use this form to create a post
        2. Only one entry is needed. If you've posted your rig before, you are in the clear!
      3. Have at least three followers in the Red Team Forum
        1. Need followers? Join the fastest growing thread: Follow Train! (Need followers? Post in this thread!)
      4. Reply to this thread with what was your first gamertag (or any other message).


      Please read rules before you enter: AMD RED TEAM AUGUST SWEEPSTAKES OFFICIAL RULES


      EDIT 9/3 @ 8:45AM: Congratulations to gammaproject for being our August winner!!

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