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    fx 9590


      Hello If you want to buy cpu FX 9590 comes with all the cooler ?? or you have to buy a separate cooler ??

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          You supply the liquid cooler.

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            As noted in the numerous FX-9590 threads here, you can use one of the top ~5 HSFs listed at FrostyTech to cool an FX-9590 properly and eliminate the coolant leak liability of a liquid cooler than can and has caused serious PC hardware damage when they leak. Because the FX-9590 is a 220w CPU vs. the normal 125w FX-8000 series, you need a cooler that has at least 220w capability be it a HSF or liquid cooler. Otherwise your CPU performance will be throttled. You also need a mobo specifically designed and approved for the 220w FX-9590, additional cooling of the mobo VRM circuit and a PSU of at least 650W or more importantly a minimum of 54 amps. on the 12v rail of the PSU. See the link below for valuable technical info. on running an FX-9590.


            FX 9590 FREEZ─░NG... PLS HELP :(

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              There is a:

              BOX version- with a liquid cooling kit


              and an OEM version: with no cooler:


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                  The liquid cooler bundle hasn't been sold for months. And there are three versions of the FX-9590:


                  • FD9590FHW8KHK is an OEM/tray microprocessor
                  • FD9590FHHKWOF is a boxed processor without fan and heatsink
                  • FD9590FHHKWOX is a boxed processor with a liquid cooling kit


                  The boxed processor without a fan and heatsink is what is sold now, not an OEM version. The price difference between the bundled liquid cooler edition and heatsinkless edition was minimal once you bought a liquid cooler, and were not locked in to a Cooler Master unit.