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    Displayport to HDMI adapter - no picture


      Life was beautiful, with my 6570 Radeon card displaying on an NEC monitor (through DVI) and a Samsung LCD (HDMI), until the recent heat wave, when the card basically melted.  So I've now purchased four graphics cards.  The first three didn't work out for various reasons.   But I finally got one to function with my non-UEFI motherboard and 300w power supply.  It's an HP-branded 6570.  Works fine on the DVI output.  But the other outputs are both Displayport!  So I bought a Displayport to HDMI adapter on Amazon.  Plugged it in.  TV doesn't find signal.  AMD Catalyst doesn't find TV.


      HELP!  This nonsense has been going on for two and a half weeks now. 



      Card: HP 637997-001 AMD Radeon HD 6570 full-height graphics card - With PCIe 2.1 x16 bus interface and 1GB GDDR5 memory 


      ADAPTER: SIENOC Displayport DP Male to HDMI Female DP to HDMI Adapter Cable Video Audio Converter Color Black