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    2 same monitor but give different color


      hey guys

      about 3 months ago, i buy Sapphire AMD R9 390 for my first desktop build, until couple days ago i only use 1 monitor on it, for work reasons i bought another monitor with the same exact brand and type for it , its Benq GW2270

      everything works well except the monitor color very different, dunno if this GPU fault or the monitor fault, any help will be much appreciated


      note : i use HDMI to the main monitor, and HDMI to DVI adaptor for the second one

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          Hello Ghen,

          I recently had some free time so I actually tried using an HDMI hookup Vs. my DVI and I noticed the same thing, my colors looked really washed out compared to what I was use to seeing. I personally didn't like it so I went back to my DVI connections.


          IMHO I don't think it was anything wrong with the  connection or the HDMI, I just think one has to do a really good calibration to achieve optimal color/picture when using HDMI.

          Maybe someone else here can chime in, hope you get it sorted out.


          Regards, Ambrose

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