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    driver issue


      Describe your system:


         -   AMD Graphics Card

                  AMD HD 8670M (1GB)

         -   Desktop or Laptop System

                  Laptop ; hp pavilion 15 nootbook

        -    Operating System

                   Windows 8.1 64bit (build 9600)

         -   Driver version installed

                   Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3.1 or newer

         -   Display Devices

                    Integrated 1366*768

         -   Motherboard

                    Hewlett-Packard /id : 2164

         -     CPU/APU

                     Intel i5 4200u

          -     Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage


           -    RAM



      Describe your issue:


             -     the driver comming with crimson catalyst blocked my laptop (blue screen)

             -    this problem in 16.200 driver (now I use 15.201 from windows update, work correctly )

             -       /

             -     thread_stuck_in_device_driver (blue screen)

        • Re: driver issue

          We'd like to learn more about the issue, please submit a bug report.


          I would recommend waiting for our next driver release before updating your driver.

          • Re: driver issue

            Your laptop is equipped with switchable graphics. In order to update the AMD driver, the Intel graphics must be the current version. Go to this Intel link, and  use the Intel Driver Update Utility to find the latest graphics driver for your laptop. Download and save it to your desktop.




            Download these AMD drivers to your desktop.



            Now delete the Intel drivers from your computer using 'uninstall a program' in the computer control panel. Uninstall the AMD drivers from your computer using the 'uninstall a program' in the computer control panel.


            Computers with Intel processors select  uninstall all AMD software including the install manager.

            Computers with AMD processors custom uninstall the AMD graphics driver and  Control Panel only.


            Note: All anti-malware/anti-virus/anti-anything should be disabled during driver installation.


            Now install the Intel drivers first....reboot. And lastly the AMD drivers....reboot.


            NOTICE: If you do not want raptr/gaming evolved installed with your new drivers, select 'custom install' and uncheck the box for "gaming Evolved".



            If you are having issues with the normal installation of the Mobility drivers, use the clean install method , making sure you install the latest Intel drivers.