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Brightness disabled in Windows 10

Question asked by gerard.boterman on Jul 4, 2016
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5 July 2016: Windows 10 and AMD Radeon drivers - Brightness not working

Notebook: Dell M4600, Windows 10, AMD 6700M


Sind I upgraded my Dell 4600 laptop, my screen got incredible bright and the brightness function was disabled.

I followed many recommendations and links on line:

- Monitor driver uninstall, reboot and install

- Battery power settings / brightness adjustments

- Graphics driver uninstall / update to latest version; tried older versions, not being accepted

- Adaptive brightness on/off settings


Monitor: and


Use older AMD driver


Adaptive brightness


I read that the Catalyst AMD driver disables the brightness function of Windows 10 and followed the uninstall procedure:


None of these have worked.

Can you please help finding a solution.