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DOTA2 problems (crashes & flickering) in 16.x drivers? Especially r9 270x users!

Question asked by nikos9321 on Jul 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by kingfish

I've been missing from home for about 8 months so I thought I should update my R9 270x drivers. I played some Dota2 beforehand and I had no problems. Then since I updated to the latest drivers (crimson-16.6.1) I've been having problems with my game.


At first I tried using Vulcan (by downloading vulcan support and typing -vulcan in the launch settings) because that's the main reason I updated the drivers. The game started to freeze randomly while the sound of the game kept playing normally and I think my hero kept responding so I think it was a screen freeze. Every time this happened I had to close my game from task manager.


Normally I thought -vulcan was the cause that so I tried some games without it but the same thing kept happening. After doing some research I tried using -DX11 instead . Now the game has stopped freezing, but instead it either crashes to desktop randomly with no errors whatsoever, or it starts flickering at the start of the game. Either or both seem to occur at nearly every match I play.


I also found some other people with the same video card that have similar problems here AMD R9 series video driver crashes :: Dota 2 General Discussions  .

All of us have reported issues with the same card, same drivers, and only Dota, so I'm afraid it's an issue that only AMD can somehow solve.


I've also tried installing my older drivers (15.7.1) but I've been having problems doing so (It's like the installation has been having problems because I open dota and the frames are like 10 per sec so I prefer the new drivers with their problems) but that might be something that I do wrong. Ideally I want to play dota with the latest drivers without any problem.

Thank you for your time, I will be checking here frequently while providing whatever you ask.