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Graphics Card doesn't switch.

Question asked by twan780 on Jun 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by twan780

Hey people, I have a problem.

I've got a 2nd hand laptop from an acquaintance. When I started the laptop in the beginning, there was a lot of junk on it and there were lots of errors. But despite a few frame drops I could game at 50/60 fps at medium.
Some information: My pc has 2 graphic cards; an AMD Radeon 5000 HD and the Standart Intel Graphics card. [More info in the DXDiag file I've add to this message]

A few days later I've upgraded the laptop to Windows 10 and I've resetted it from there. But now there appears to be a problem:
When I switch my game on the AMD Catalyst to High Preformance it keeps using the Intel Graphics card instead of the AMD Radeon 5000 HD
So I get a black screen and I only hear the sounds. I see nothing.
I think this is weird because on Windows 7 with all the junk on my pc it did work, and now it doesn't.

Does someone know the problem?
If you need any more information just ask me, I hope the DXDiag file is enough. I also add a log-file from the game Farming Simulator (log.txt) which shows that the Intel Graphics Card is used.

Sorry for the bad english,

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