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    HOBO Warrior


      13393116_10209315545586673_1039177940_n.jpgAmazingly, this Rig can still play most new games at High and Very High settings with 30 fps. It also keeps my home warm in winter.





      CPUOld CPU =>AMD Phenom II X4, New CPU =>FX-8370
      CoolerCooler CPU Scythe Samurai ZZ Rev.B,
      GraphicsOld GPU =>ATI Radeon R9 380 G1 Gaming 4GB, New GPU => Radeon RX 580 Nitro 8GB
      Disc Driಠ_ಠ I don't know!
      Disc DMissing,
      Disc Drive 3Missing,
      PSUಠ_ಠ some 770W model,
      Caseಠ_ಠ An ancient design left down by the elves from a time long ago, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. This ancient technology is also known as the Cheapo-Case!
      MonitorI am Intermonitor as in the case of a Interregnum. I am Probably going to buy some 1900X1080 monitor that I can afford.
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          The rig was build similar to the crucible in the Mass Effect Series.

          Every generation of The Johnny added something new to it.

          1.Primary school Johnny bought a premade PC

          2.High school Johnny bought a Processor, Cooler, Motherboard,RAM,Graphics Card, etc(High School Johnny was rich)

          3.Collage Johnny bought a RAM(Collage Johnny is very poor)

          4.Working Johnny can barely pay for living expenses but still buys a Graphics Card and a New PSU(Me worried about working Johnny)

          Working Johnny still need a new CPU ٩(• ε •)۶.

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            I really love when people take old cases and repurpose them with new tech.  To me its like taking a classic car and rebuilding the engine so that it lasts.  Plus it makes people think you have nothing and then you blow their socks off....lol

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              Oh!  I see you were looking for a monitor..... Check out this monitor right here..... Its a 27" Freesync monitor (Freesync means you can turn off Vsync which gives you more FPS) and your AMD graphics card (If its Freesync enabled, will handle screen tearing with no performance loss).    I just got mine the other day and I am loving it.  2ms response time, 1920x1080p VGA, DisplayPort and HDMI, and if you look around you can find it for $178.  



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                  Hello dear sir or madam, I appreciate that you like the fact that I am using a older case.

                  Unfortunately it's not for the reasons that you may think, I am actually poor . As for the components inside my PC, they were bought with months of FULL-Overtime (extra 4hours/everyday).

                  I would buy that monitor but unfortunately it costs 200$, and with my salary being 221$ that's impossible. Also I am looking for a 1XDVI monitor.

                  Fortunately I can get some decent monitors with just 100$ from some local stores that have a 1920X1200 resolution(or something like that).

                  I appreciate the help, yet ... I am poor.   (• ε •)

                  As for the surprising of others:
                  Some A**hole broke into my dorm room 2 years ago and stole my | (• ◡•)| friends tablet and his wallet but not my crappy looking PC ಠ⌣ಠ.

                  And yes, it does surprise some people!

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                  Those Phenoms... legendary.

                  When my folks wanted a new computer years ago, I set them up with a Phenom II X4 945. Thing is still rock solid and does everything they need.

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                    Hehe nice name amnikarr. I also wanted to buy R9 380 card but my plan failed so I had to keep my old HD4670 1GB (DX10 with DDR3 ). Looking forward to change that when RX 400 series come out. If I could find the money for it. If not than i should find enough to buy an R9 380 so maybe I'll join you.

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                      I love everything about this post so much. The Phenom is really the cherry on top, as that was a good time in CPUs. Still is, really. Love those old things. Additionally, nice GPU.


                      Also: That case. Actually, someone very dear to me has a pretty decent AMD computer packed into an old case, and I just love it so much really. So to see this is very pleasing to my heart. Keep it goin'!


                      I know what it is like to be short on cash, and for that I am all the more impressed with your setup. Really loving what you have done, and I can tell you care for your computer quite a lot. Very nice post here, and great AMD computer!

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                        The Johnny bought a new CPU and Motherbord!!!