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4 monitors on r9 290x

Question asked by mrapan on Jun 12, 2016
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I have a setup of three monitors and one hdtv, before I've used a hdmi-splitter for the hdtv and one of the monitors. But after a driver update a few weeks ago the Radeon settings no longer lets me set the hdmi with the hdmi-splitter as sound output as "your monitors does not support sound", I see why it might have problems recognizing a device with thru the splitter, but as long as it did output sound, the tv did receive it and all was fine - until the update.

So I got a DP->HDMI cable to connect the hdtv and that way get the sound working as well, but that doesn't work at all, it doesn't even know something is connected. But from what I've read on forums, it should be possible to run 4 monitors on the card.

Any suggestions to get my setup working with sound will be very much appreciated! But running on the older drivers does not feel like a good long-term solution.


TL;DR Sound doesn't work thru hdmi-splitter anymore, and hdtv on DP->hdmi is not working at all.


Current Setup

R9 290x ConnectionCableMonitor
DVIDVI -> HDMISamsung Syncmaster 24"
DVIDVI -> HDMISamsung Syncmaster 24"

Samsung Syncmaster 24"

DisplayPortDisplayPort -> HDMISamsung 42" HDTV