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ATI EEU Client Event Error in Event Viewer since 16.5.2 BETA Driver

Question asked by gh0st47 on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by eidairaman1

Lately since the day I've updated to 16.5.2 BETA Driver ( Doom Ready Driver ) I been getting this error in my Event Viewer.
It only happens during every time I boot up. After that even long hours of gaming session it will not happen.
So far it didn't affect anything. No crashing etc. But it's only been two weeks ++ now, sometimes all this things can go smoothly for long as Months before things go down south.


Even now I've updated to the latest BETA Driver, I'm still getting this error. I never encounter this during the previous Drivers ( any other Drivers before 16.5.2 BETA )

Now I've narrowed it down the problem is caused by AMD External Event Utility. I've tried changing the AMD External Event Utility Service to Manual and during boot up I no longer get this error anymore.
But one problem, If I changed it to Manual. My FRTC no longer work ! Even I tried enabling back the Service manually my FRTC still won't work. So disabling this Service is out of the question because I do use FRTC.

So I'm curios, is everyone else getting this error as well in their Event Viewer ? It's bit worrying.

All it state in the Event Viewer is

Log Name : Application

Source : ATIeRecord
EventID : 16388
Task Category : EEU
Keywords : Classic
Level : Error

Here's what I'm running on

Windows 7 64-BIT

Asus P8Z77-M Mobo

i5 3550

290X 8GB
16GB Corsair Vengeance
128GB SSD ( OS + Drivers Only )