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Flickering issues 390x

Question asked by innovat3 on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by innovat3

Benq XL2730z Freesync 120hz
powercolor r9 390x devil hybrid 8gb


some gigabyte mobo


So who else is getting massive flickering issues most likely refresh rate issue @ start with the 2 recent updates? 16.5.2 and & 16.4.2

Example looking into my desktop i see massive screen tearing
My monitor is perfectly fine for it works perfectly on load and on safe mode.
Screen tear or the refresh rate issues goes away in time which is odd...
I finally got my RMA'd replacement and now running into different issues...
What a ride its been for owning an AMD product...
I'm sure no one can find a solution for this cause i tried everything and will not fresh install windows

Just curious to see if other people are having similar issues.