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Dual graphics card drivers and overheating

Question asked by leonlaci on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by amdmatt

I have a laptop HP ProBook 455 G1 with these specs:

CPU: AMD A8-4500M

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8750M + cpu graphics


OS: Windows 10

Purchase date: September 2014


When I installed windows 10 I had troubles with drivers, when I download a driver for 8750M it says that the driver is incompatible with my gpu(not compatible with 7640G, I guess it is my integrated graphics). I installed an older driver(in my control panel it says that the driver version is 15.201.1301.0) which I got from HP's site.

And also I have troubles with high cpu and gpu temperatures. With HWMonitor it says that my idle temperatures on cpu are 90-95 C and on gpu dual graphics 40-50 C.

Also in some games I have really low fps when I should run the game easily, for example Battlefield 3 multiplayer and singleplayer I run the game on lowest settings with resolution of 1280x720 and I get a lot of stuttering and performance issues when I should be able to run this game medium-high settings no problem.