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Radeon Settings: Host Application has stopped working

Question asked by skistar002 on Mar 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by catadeluxe

Hello all,

I have an XFX R9 380 4Gb card and it's about 2 months old. Ever since I have gotten it, an error message that says "Radeon Settings: Host Application has stopped working" appears about 2 minutes after I boot up my PC. I tried to update my drivers by using the AMD Cleanup utility to remove all drivers, and then the AMD AutoDetect utility to reinstall them. AutoDetect says that I have the most recent drivers. After all that, I still have the error message pop up.


Once the application stops working, I cannot go back into the program to configure settings. It also just looks bad when it happens every time I boot up and I have never been able to fix it.

I have searched many threads and I haven't found any solutions. The driver I have is "Radeon Software Crimson Edition Graphics Driver Installer for Windows 10 64-Bit."


I am running an 8-core 8350 @4.0Ghz, an XFX Radeon R9 380 (R9-380P-4255X), 12Gb of DDR3 RAM, an 850 watt PSU, Windows 10 64bit with all updates installed.


Thank you!