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    14.4.2 still not fixed fallout 4 despite claims


      AMD you latest hotfix 14.4.2 doesn't fix fallout 4 when using crossfire and fullscreen, still getting stuttering and corruption, (295x2 + i7 6700k, Win 10 64bit), disable crossfire and it goes away.



      - Stuttering or corruption observed while playing Fallout 4 on some graphics products in AMD Crossfire technology mode

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          Yup. I have made several reports on this directly about Xfire, the insane stuttering and the dreaded rainbow textures *shudder* but AMD has other more important things going on then to support their latest GPU's. I have tried to play with different settings and MANY others like myself with different kinds of AMD GPU's, have not been able to resolve it.  It seems to me that they don't really focus on drivers to help support their GPU's anymore. They always have been a little behind Nvidia but it has gotten much worse in the last 1-2 years. I admit I am a little salty to have thrown away hundreds of dollars, I might not go with AMD on my next upgrade. If some one or myself figures something out to get around these glaring issues, ill post it back here.

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              Hey sugam,


              In regards to Fallout 4, there's nothing the end user can do to enable positive Crossfire scaling via Crimson, nor through file/command line tweaks. A solution to this would have to come from not only AMD, but especially more so Bethesda, which in the latter case is highly unlikely. As frustrating as it is for myself as well when playing Fallout 4 in Crossfire, I have to iterate what's been said for a decade, the Gamebryo engine simply isn't optimized for multi-GPU and never has been.


              Neither AMD (Crossfire), nor Nvidia (SLI) are capable of producing positive scaling by driver optimizations alone in Fallout 4, due to the engine's foundation itself. It sadly simply wasn't created with multi-GPU users in mind and is incredibly outdated.


              Now in regards to your statement about AMD's driver teams performance over the past few years, I truly can't see where you're getting your data from? In comparison to (as an example) AMD's driver performance from circa 2010-2012, they've since made improvements by a vast margin and have also been more consistent, on a much more regular basis in regards to timely driver hotfix responses to day one issues and beyond. I understand that as you said above, you're likely just upset, but to smear the AMD driver teams hard work over the past few years based on one games performance or lack thereof with such a falsely unsupported statement was unjust...especially when AMD isn't solely responsible.


              Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when it comes to improved/degraded driver performance, data is what matters and it's widely known and available across the net, that AMD has improved exponentially over the recent years.


              Anyways, moving on. Fallout 4 is a heavily CPU bound title depending on what areas you are on the world map such as cities, which I'm sure you've noticed. If you're interested in resolving quite a few performance issues in Fallout 4, I highly recommend you download a CPU priority/affinity management program, as Bethesda's coding doesn't utilize CPU resources properly whatsoever.


              With that being said, I guarantee if you're willing to download a CPU priority/affinity management program and test Fallout 4's performance within city area's without utilizing the CPU priority/affinity management and the while using it with priority set to high, you will see a substantial disparity in performance and see it stabilize to a much more acceptable standard.


              Sadly, this is only a temporary solution for performance testing, as there are issues with crashing while using a CPU priority/affinity program, but if nothing else, you'll see the performance benefit that more robust CPU utilization has on the game. Then, send the data that you collect to Bethesda, file a bug/performance report (including the lack of multi-GPU support) and you may have a possible effect on them working towards a solution, however unlikely that situation may be.


              With that being said, I also hope for a performance improvement and fully support your frustration in regards to Fallout 4 lacking Multi-GPU support. Let's just hope that Bethesda will eventually focus their efforts towards improving/implementing that. Yet even if they do, that likely won't come until after all of the DLC releases have come and gone.