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Can't install display drivers for XP

Question asked by typical_user on Apr 19, 2016
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I spent 11 hours attempting to install the correct display drivers for XP. I couldn't do it.


The installation routine and the computer froze when attempting to install the actual display drivers.


I need a new card for this computer, and for the two computers that I will build next month. Since all these computers need to run XP, I need to find out how to install the Catalyst drivers under XP. Because I would prefer to buy Radeons but if I can't install them under XP then of course there's no point in buying Radeon cards.



What follows is the post from a thread I started on Rage3D ( Installation Nightmare. - Rage3D Discussion Area ) which describes the problem pretty thoroughly.





Okay, I give up.


Lemme tell you something: I have never had this much trouble with a computer component in all my life. I thought the Belkin NICs I had in 1999/2000 were tough to install but this Radeon HD 5450 turned out to be much, much worse.


It has XP drivers. In fact, I believe that all Radeons have XP drivers, although tricky to find on the AMD site.


For a series of bizarre and tedious reasons, even though I far prefer AMD, the last three cards which I had were all Nvidias. One, a 9600GT, was a received as a warranty replacement for a card (that my girlie bought) which failed because of The Great Eutectic Bump Disaster; the next was a refurb G210 that was an emergency purchase (when the aforementioned 9600GT died) which was defective right out the box and which was exchanged for a new, factory-fresh G210 in a sealed box that started going bad after two months. I.e. of the last four Nvidia cards in this house, three have been defective.


But I could install the Nvidias. They were not difficult to install. Even though Nvidia insists that I install all sorts of crap along with the drivers, at least they install.


Between last night and so far today, I've spent over eleven hours struggling with these Radeon drivers.


What almost always happens is that, at a specific point in the installation routine, when the installer is actually installing the display drivers proper (as opposed to the junkware) the screen will go blank. And it will stay blank. And nothing will happen. For as long as I will tolerate looking at a blank, dark screen. So I will attempt to reboot (hit reset! - 'cos the machine is completely locked up) but the computer will be unbootable. So I will reboot using "Last known good configuration". And I have done this many, many times, to no avail at all.


Twice or possibly three times the installation actually completed, kinda. It installed everything except the actually display drivers. So I had this CIM (Catalyst Installation Manager) garbage, and Hydravision, and the CCC, and a Problem Report Wizard or something. But not the actual display drivers.


So a few times, in Device Manager, the card would be listed with a yellow exclamation point.


So I tried installing the drivers via Device Manager. Sorry but the drivers will only install using the CIM.




Those two or three "semi-completed" installations had a log file which stated that the driver installation failed because it required administrator rights. Well I'm always logged in as admin, y'know? So I attempted to run the installer using the "Run as..." command, as an administrator. Didn't work - in the first place, because Windows would not let me "Run as administrator" with an admin account having a blank password.


So I added a password to the admin account. And of course attempting to install using "Run as admin (with a proper password)" also resulted in a failure to install the display drivers.


But now the admin account has a password and I consider that to be real damage to my XP installation and I will have to experiment with ways of repairing the damage.


I tried the installer on the cd that was in the box with the card. I downloaded the two different installers on the AMD website, both 14.4 pack 2 and 14.4 pack 3. Would you like to know the difference between them? I would too. Would you like to know where or what Pack 1 is? Apparently that too is secret information.


I tried installing while being connected to the net, and while unconnected. 


I tried installing the drivers in Safe Mode (and in VGA mode too if I correctly recall).


I tried every conceivable combination of software options that the installer allowed.


I used DCleaner and Display Driver Uninstaller to remove all the Nvidia remnants - and I did that before I attempted the first Radeon installation. I've also used them after failed Catalyst installs except for a few times when I decided to "experiment" by attempting to complete a failed installation. Didn't help. I've looked at Device Manager in Safe Mode to see if there were any "hidden" devices that were causing problems. There weren't.


So I finally took the Radeon out of the machine, replaced it with the G210, and installed the Nvidia drivers with no trouble whatsoever. 


I'm reasonably good with computers but I have no idea what's happening, or why, or how to solve the problem.


When I walked into the shop yesterday, I was prepared to spend $200 (a very significant sum of money for me) for a Radeon card, but, luckily, it seems, the only Radeon they actually had in the store was this 5450.


As much as I don't want to, this installer nonsense might will force me to buy Nvidia. I don't like them but I need to card that I can, you know, actually use.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!