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    FX 9590 FREEZİNG... PLS HELP :(


      My spec:

      FX 9590

      GA 990FXA UD5 R5

      32GB DDR3 1600MHZ


      BİOS - F4b


      When i start amd overdrive stability test it givs this messages all the time ''Calculation Test > Illegal sumeout & Calculation Test > Possible hardware failure'' and i dont know how to fix that..

      i can lower the clock if it make me stable but i dont know whats the best clock and voltages for stability

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          What is your PSU make/model and what CPU cooler are you using?

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              OCZ 80plus 750w

              Thermaltake contac 30

              It is freezing between 55-70degree

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                  Insufficient heatsink. That is a 220W CPU and you are using a 160W cooler. AMD CPUs have a Tmax of 61°C. You need a liquid cooler, such as the Corsair H80i, or, preferably if your case can mount it, the H105, or their equivalents from Antec or Cooler Master (I like Corsair because they cover other components in the very rare occurrence of a leak).

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                    If you are using Core Temp, AIDA64 or HWiNFO to read your CPU internal temp and seeing temps above 61C then the CPU is definitely running too hot which will cause it to have internal errors. As noted the FX-9590 is a 220w CPU so you'll need a better cooler. You however do NOT need a liquid CPU cooler and you may not desire a liquid cooler due to the many disadvantages over a quality tower style HSF. In addition all liquid coolers introduce a coolant leak liability that is not present with a HSF. When the liquid cooler leaks and it will sooner or later, the liquid can damage the mobo and other hardware. You may also lose data when it shorts out or causes the mobo to fail.


                    In regards to Corsair covering the damage when the cooler leaks water, that unfortunately doesn't prevent lost data ot lost use of your PC for weeks while you ship damaged hardware to Corsair for evaluation and then wait for replacement to arrive. By using a quality tower HSF, you'll never be subjected to the costly and inconvenient damage caused by a liquid cooler - which doesn't cool as well as the top 5-6 tower style HSFs. The top tower HSFs also cost considerably less than any of the H100 and higher capacity liquid coolers. Be sure to check PC case clearances before purchasing a tower HSF as they are large. Some of them can also block the first DIMM slot. If you scroll down at the link below, you can see the top (10) HSF coolers tested by FrostyTech. The top 5-6 AMD HSF coolers will cool an FX-9590 as well or better than any liquid cooler up to and including the H100. Since HSF cooling performance varies a little bit by CPU brand, make sure to scroll all the way down to the AMD top (10) coolers.


                    Top 5 Heatsink Charts on FrostyTech.com


                    It's worth noting that all VRM circuits need air flowing over the VRM heatsink to cool the VRM components when the CPU is under heavy load. With a HSF the air turbulence around the CPU helps cool the VRM circuit adjacent to the CPU socket. With a liquid cooler you would need to install another fan to cool the VRM circuit according to AMD's FX-9590 recommendations. Otherwise it's quite likely that the VRM circuit will overheat and force the CPU frequency to drop to 1.4 GHz. until the VRM circuit cools enough to go back to full speed for a couple seconds and then drop again to 1.4 GHz. frequency on and on as the VRM circuit can't perform properly if it is overheating.


                    You should read my comments in this other forum thread on the FX-9590.


                    AMD 9590 best build

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                          Yes I know not only how to read the test data provided by FrostyTech I understand what it means. I also have personal experience running my FX-8350 overclocked to 4.7 GHz at the same frequency and vcore as a FX-9590, which is actually an AMD overclocked version of the FX-8350. In my 25 hour P95 stress test (as in multiple 25 hour P95 stress test, not just one), not only did my PC function perfectly, the CPU core temp never exceeded the 61C spec that AMD has for the FX-8000 series CPUs.


                          You are confusing the test fixture temp  delta above ambient temp vs. the actual core temp in a real operating PC. The test fixture is a good means to determine how well a CPU cooler performs under maximum advertised TDP. The thermal capacity of the cooler and the TDP of the processor being tested determines the core temp. In the case of the Spire Thermax Eclipse II the temp recorded from the TEST STATION is 10.2 degrees C above ambient, which is excellent compared to other coolers. As an example if FrostyTech is testing at 75F ambient temp = ~24C and the test HSF temp increases by 11C over the ambient temp then the total core temp for the test fixture heat source would be 35C which is well below the 61C AMD specifies for the FX-8000 series CPUs. By conducting the cooler testing in this manner people can properly compare the cooling efficiency and capacity depending on what thermal load is imposed on the test specimen cooler because the only change is the cooler itself. What you are comparing is the delta above ambient temp.  As I noted and other people have observed the top 5-6 AMD HSFs on the FrostyTech charts are fully capable of cooling an FX-9590 running at 4.7 GHz.

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                    now i got ''thermaltake water 3.0 performer'' cpu cooler and FX9590 still freezing at 45 degree...

                    and when i test it with aida64 it doesn't freeze. it is freezing when i test it with amd overdrive

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                        Below are the BIOS settings that work very well for many eight core CPUs because the eight core CPUs require very precise settings to work without issue. There could be one simple BIOS setting that your CPU and mobo isn't happy with but it takes a lot of P95 testing to find it or multiple BIOS settings that may fix the problem.


                        If you are familiar with manual BIOS settings you might try two settings:


                        1. Select the BIOS setting that switched all settings to "default" which magically fixed another person's FX-9590 freezing problem


                        2. Try the settings I've listed below - You can always switch back to "default" settings with the press of one button


                        This is what I would recommend:


                        1. Disable C6, C1E and Cool & Quiet - this will NOT hurt anything, they are just power saving modes

                        2. Manually set the CPU to the specified default vcore shown for your specific CPU

                        3. Manually set the DRAM timings listed on the DIMMs - assuming they were purchased as ONE DIMM kit and NOT two individual DIMMs. If bought as two independent DIMMs you likely will need slower timings to prevent issues.

                        4. If the DIMMs are 1.5v increase the voltage to 1.55v

                        5. Set CPU NB to 1.2875v and HT to 1.25v-1.28v

                        6. Set Hyper transport frequency to 2600 MHz.

                        7. Set Northbridge frequency to 2400 MHz.

                        Run the PC system in Manual mode - NOT "auto" mode and set the CPU multiplier to "23.5" for the FX-9590, to "20" for the FX-8350, etc.


                        None of these settings are crazy nor should they cause any issues with your PC. I and other folks have run these settings for years without issue on many different brands and models of mobos using FX 8-core CPUs. You may need to play around with the vcore power stability settings when in manual mode to insure the vcore voltage stays close to what you have set it in the BIOS when under heavy load. Applets like OCCT or similar that will record the CPU temp/vcore/frequency are very helpful in fixing operational problems

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