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r9 380 crashes in ffxiv under dx11 works fine under dx9

Question asked by terry8750 on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by terry8750

so im having issues with ffxiv crashing running under works fine under dx9c.

system specs are:

motherboard:asus z87 pro

cpu: i7 4770k watercooled delided

ram:16 gb corsair dominator ddr 1333

gpus: 2x msi 4gb r9 380 crossfire

hard drives 4x samsung sin point x4 raid 0 2x western digital cavier blue 500gb raid 0

monitor amh a399u 4k 39 inch via dp 1.2

power supply oczt 750 watt

case: antec 1200


so far its the only game i have tested but when i had 2x 270x in crossfire they ran fine all day long.and it works fine now only under dx9.

gpus are factory clocked drivers have been cleaned and reinstalled 5 times running hotfix 16.1.

i had never had any crashing issues with my old gpus so im not sure what is going on