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R9 270  and Win 10_ 64 bit

Question asked by ded@lus on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by tomtalk24

Im using the MSI R9 270 2G card (sort of using.. because of the existing problem) on a WIN 10_64bit computer.. The mobo is MSI Z97 Gaming 5 +(2x4GB Kingston HyperX memory) And NO MATTER WHAT I DO - I always have the black screen as soon as I instal ANY gpu driver, new,old - its the same! Im not a fanboy.. or someone that will fight with people over TEAM RED vs TEAM GREEN talk.Who is better, who is worse.. but READ:  AMD,THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE CUSTOMERS! My card is OUT of the case,now.. because is USELESS. I don't know who is to blame AMD or Micro$oft! But this card work just FINE before! Win 7 and Win 8(8.1) But just recently stop working. SO I JUST HOPE (and i know im NOT the only one) THAT YOU FIX THIS THING WITH THE NEXT UPDATE! This is just frustrating! I DID EVERY SINGLE THING I COULD DO TO SOLVE THIS MYSELF, read who know how many posts online.. from people like me and NOTHING happend! And I would HATE to see an generic answer - to try to clean install the latest drivers because NOTING fix this! The big letters is so that you could see YET ANOTHER GUY WHO IS COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SAME ISSUE,SOU YOU FIX IT ASAP!


English is not my language, so I'm sorry if i didnt wrote it 100% correct - but EVERYTHING is 100% TRUE!