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r9 380 4GB, no BIOS access and crashes on games

Question asked by markoscl on Feb 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by minh

Hello everyone,please excuse my poor english!


I recently purchased a new computer, and after building it and installing latest drivers (With AMD auto detect utility) i've been running on some crashes on games that my card should support.


While playing RUST, if i set the graphics to something above "medium" my card crashes after a while, even when in-game the game looks good, and can sustain more than 40fps all the time, but it crashes no matter what i try, max i've been able to play was about 20 min, but it usually crashes after 5-10 min. I've to either restart the computer because it stays on black screen or "ADM graphics controller crashed".


Could this be due to drivers? I've the theory that the card is on "idle" mode and when i force it to do some work with high or ultra graphics it  crashes (Game works like a charm at medium).




Another problem with my card is the BIOS. I can't access it no matter what i do, i've got a GA-z97D-P3 (Rev 1.1), and BIOS boots if i use my GTS 450, but it does not boot with my R9 380. I've the theory that this could be some problem with BIOS-GPU, even when both the card and the motherboard are compatible at first, and i've tested it on different BIOS version (Running the last one right now).


Please help, does anyone has the same problem? Any ideas?



Any help is much appreciated, thank you!!


PS: My processor is a i5-4690k