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GPU fan going to high speed when playing

Question asked by narvena on Feb 7, 2016



I have a VTX3D HD 7870XT Black Edition graphic card. While running a game, my GPU fan speed increases to 100% in a short time (about 2 - 5 minutes after launching the game). I used MSI Afterburner to get the temperature while playing and it grows very fast, reaching 88°C. It is only when it is at that temperature that the fan automaticaly speeds up to its maximal speed.


To prevent my GPU from reaching these high temperatures, the only thing I found was to set the GPU fan to a custom speed in AMD Catalyst Control Center. I have to set it to 70% to prevent my GPU from getting hot.

Also, if I set a custom fan speed smaller than 70% (it's an average), sometimes after a short time it decreases to normal speed, some other times the speed set is simply ignored (the fan doesn't accelerate at all).


I tried to update GPU drivers (with the last version from the 01/02/2016) but it hasn't fixed the problem.

My OS is a Windows 7 64bits.



Thanks in advance for your answers.