reference by pointer Windows 7 bluescreen atikmdag.sys

Discussion created by andresgamboa on Feb 1, 2016
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I'm really fed up with the recent updates , specifically the last 16.1.



Since they began to upgrade from version 15 I have only had problems with my graphics card. At the beginning I did not pay much attention. But with this latest update if has been quite sick . In just three days since I upgraded to 16.1 , I've had five bluescreen , losing much time working , not simply because the pc restarts but also overheats and I need turn it off about 5 minutes.



my pc parameters are:


CPU Type

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz


Graphics Chipset

AMD Radeon HD 6670

Memory Size

2048 MB


System Memory

12 GB


Asus P8 H61-M LE



If anyone could help me it would be supremely grateful. otherwise I would be forced to downgrade the software, which would be a problem for some recent applications .




Archivo de volcadoHora del falloCadena de comprobación de errorCódigo de comprobación de errorParámetro 1Parámetro 2Parámetro 3Parámetro 4Causado por controladorCausado por direcciónDescripciónNombreCompaníaVersiónProcesoCrash AddressStack Address 1Stack Address 2Stack Address 3Computer NameFull PathProcessors CountMajor VersionMinor VersionDump File SizeDump File Time
013116-21356-01.dmp31/01/2016 21:33:47REFERENCE_BY_POINTER0x00000018fffffa80`097a1570fffffa80`098d5c4000000000`0000000100000000`00000001atikmdag.sysatikmdag.sys+8a7d7ATI Radeon Kernel Mode DriverATI Radeon FamilyAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. C:\Windows\Minidump\013116-21356-01.dmp4157601276.70431/01/2016 21:34:53
020116-21028-01.dmp01/02/2016 0:00:41REFERENCE_BY_POINTER0x00000018fffffa80`097a1570fffffa80`0a4fb19000000000`0000000100000000`00000001atikmdag.sysatikmdag.sys+2a2e4ATI Radeon Kernel Mode DriverATI Radeon FamilyAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. C:\Windows\Minidump\020116-21028-01.dmp4157601276.76001/02/2016 0:02:22
020116-26847-01.dmp01/02/2016 20:35:31REFERENCE_BY_POINTER0x00000018fffffa80`097a1570fffffa80`0c12694000000000`0000000100000000`00000001atikmdag.sysatikmdag.sys+2a2e4ATI Radeon Kernel Mode DriverATI Radeon FamilyAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. C:\Windows\Minidump\020116-26847-01.dmp4157601276.76001/02/2016 20:36:45