Sapphire Dual-X Radeon HD 6970 giving no signal with multiple displays

Discussion created by excalibous on Jan 8, 2016
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Hi, the other day I recieved my new Sapphire Dual-X Radeon HD 6970 in the mail to replace my Nvidia GeForce GT 730 card. That day I hooked it up and at first was confused as to why it wasn't outputting any signal but I came to realize that I didn't have all the power ports plugged in on the card. Anyway, after that I tried to hook up my two monitors (they are both different monitors one is a Envision G918w1 and the other is a Dell monitor that i don't know the model of, both only have DVI and VGA ports) and I didn't know that I had purchased a card with only 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, and 1 Display port. So I only hooked up my main monitor since it was hooked up via DVI on my old card anyway. Well yesterday I went out to walmart and bought a GE HDMI-VGA adapter so I could hook up my other monitor as well. When I first attempted to hook them up as soon as I plugged in the HDMI end of the adapter into the computer (the VGA end was still empty) my main screen had gone black with a No Signal box and wouldn't come back. So I restarted my computer and tried again with the same result.

     After doing as much research on the internet as possible it lead me to a few things to try and see if it would work. First I tried restarting the computer with both the DVI cable and full connected HDMI-VGA adapter connected, which this lead to it starting up, flashing the BIOS screen on both screens and then proceeding to the Windows 10 startup screen. Usually it takes a bit from the moment i see the Windows logo and loading wheel to get to the login screen and during this time i can usually move my mouse around and see the cursor on just a black screen. Everything went as usual until it went to the logon screen to where both monitors went into sleep mode with the No Signal box and from there i could not get either of them to receive signal. After that I tried uninstalling the GPU Drivers from the computer, shutting it off, hooking up both the DVI cable and full connected HDMI-VGA adapter to the card and restarted. On my first attempt at doing this I managed to reach the login screen, logon, have the GPU install it's display drivers and the screens adjusted themselves properly, only because I had the HDMI-VGA adapter hooked to my second monitor I went to switch them and as soon as i clicked the start button both screens went to sleep with the No Signal box, again. After that I tried updating the drivers (which I couldn't because it already has the latest it can), I updated my BIOS, I tried everything I could find. After a while I decided to test some and see if the HDMI-VGA adapter was causing the issue. I hooked it up by itself and restarted my computer and it worked perfectly fine but as soon as i plugged in the DVI cable they both went to sleep. I then tried starting up with one screen plugged in with the DVI and unplugging the monitor end and plugging it into the other monitor with no success but I could replug it into the first monitor and get signal. On the same startup i unplugged the DVI cable and plugged in the HDMI-VGA adapter to see if i could get that to work by itself while the computer ran. No success. After I plugged in the DVI cable by itself again the monitor wouldn't receive a signal again. At this point I'm stumped and would really appreciate if anybody knew how to fix this.