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    OpenCL - Crashes Premiere Pro CC caused by amdocl64.dll


      So my Adobe Premiere Pro CC crashes everytime since i upgraded to windows 10 when i drag something in the timeline. I did some research at the Adobe forum and found the solution to delete the amdocl64.dll from the windows32 folder. Before that i tried everything to reinstall everything but nothing worked. So i had to delete it to get Premiere running without OpenCL, witch is very sad.

      I´m using a R9 290 and the newest Catalyst Software 15.7.1.


      The Problem here is definitly the Catalyst Software, because it writes the "not-working" amdocl64.dll file during installation.


      So is there a fix for that? Does someone else have the same experience with that? Or do you have the same card and your OpenCL is working fine?


      let me know pls!