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    Error after new 15.12 catalyst update.


      Hello, I recently updated my graphics driver to 15.12 on my windows 10 system. After I restarted my computer to enable the 15.12 driver a cmd window and a error message popped up.

      I took a screen shot of the messages that appeared. I haven't ran any programs to test the stability or anything but I will now. Any ideas on what this error is??

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          Hello AMD,



             I'm using original AMD Asus Sabertooth 990fx motherboard with AMD FX 8150 Bulldozer and your chipset driver installer doesn't work.  I get an error and when I installed with older package installer, installs NOTHING for Windows 10.  You guys have to update the chipset driver for this motherboard.  My USB will just turn off and I'm forced to Unplug the usb and plug back in.  But it turns right back off - the only OS I can use my motherboard for is Windows 7 because you guys are lacking to support your drivers correctly.  So can you update the CHIPSET driver because as far, as I'm concurred if you guys don't iron out these issues with the chipset driver for windows 10.  I will NEVER buy another AMD product again.  I will just buy intel products then FORGET AMD!  This is shameful on your part, because Asus can't update a driver that's made by you guys.  Either fix the issue or I'll just buy a product that works.  Because you're showing zero interest helping the costumers, I'm really starting to regret buying this cpu.


          And that not to mention your "8 CORE" cpu isn't an 8 core its just a 4 core emulating the other cores overall making the system SLOWER!!!!!!!!


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            Had the same, just ignore i guess.

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              Hey, good luck getting ANY kind of support from AMD here. The only support you get is from other users who have the same problems as you.


              I too had the error you took a picture of. The drivers also keep crashing:

              Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.


              I got rid of Radeon Software Crimson Edition (15.12) and went back to drivers from 6 months ago.

              Seeing the lack of support you get from AMD (all i see is posts getting deleted by moderators), this is the first and only time i will ever buy an AMD card and i will go back to Nvidia quickly again.