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    RMA expriation


      Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I have a question regarding RMA expirations.


      I had RMAd my CPU, but for a few reasons I was unable to send it out for 26 days after being approved. I received an email stating that stated my ticket would be closed if my CPU wasnt processed within 5 days.


      There is no way my CPU will make it in time at this rate, so Im wondering what my options are at this point.

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          I can't speak officially for AMD but I would contact AMD Support via a support ticket and advise them of the RMA number and that the CPU is in transit but that it won't arrive within the 5 day period specified in the e-mail notice that you just received. AMD support should be able to track the RMA number and note that the CPU is in transit so that the RMA remains valid for another couple weeks. If you have a shipper tracking number to provide to AMD support, they can confirm the CPU is due to arrive shortly.

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