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No customizable setting in raeon software after crimson upgrade

Question asked by d1str0 on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by d1str0

I have a toshiba l50-b with amd m260. Unfortunately Toshiba doesn't provide a graphic card driver for windows 10, but windows update automatically installed the 15.201 driver when i upgraded from windows 8.1. The problem was the drivers did't work well as i had extreme fps drop while gaming.

For that reason I decided to upgrade the driver to crimson software (after having upgraded my intel integrated graphic card too) and now i can play games quite smoothly without fps drops.

However i can't change any setting in radeon software, there are no tab but "games" and "system" and i feel something didn't go well. Moreover my gpu reaches quite high temperature (95° C) during game and i don't know if this is normal.

What can i do?

Thanks for the support