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24 Monitors with 4 W9100 in single Win7x64 Box - Latest Driver 14.502.1045 - No Joy!

Question asked by page3d on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by page3d

We are attempting to build a multi-projector tiled display with a sing Win7 x64 box and four (4x) W9100 FirePros. Here's the rig:


1. Win7 x64 box (Dual Xeon)

2. Four (x4) W9100 FirePros

3. FirePro S400 Synch Module (nominally disabled at the moment)

4. 23 projectors (1280x800 DLP)

5. 1 Monitor (2560x1440, head)


We have been using the 14.201.1019 driver with some success. We can't get all 24 monitors up with this driver, but we have had 23 monitors running (minus one of the projectors) with limited success.


We just downloaded the latest 14.502.1045 driver that reports to have a beta implementation that can support 24 monitors. I initial testing is -- no joy. We briefly had 24 monitors up w/o Aero mode on Win7 desktop, but DWM crashed when we switched into Aero mode. Then, on reboot, we haven't been able to find a stable 24 monitor configuration. We have tried blowing away the display entries in the registry, which has helped with the older driver and a reboot. But no joy.


Any one else running a similar Win7 24 monitor rig?


AMD, any thoughts on the beta 24 monitor support in the latest driver? We are definitely pushing the limits and would love some support.