DirectX® 12 for Enthusiasts: Explicit Multiadapter

Discussion created by kingfish on Aug 25, 2015

It may surprise you to learn…


DirectX® 12 is the very first version of the DirectX® API that has specific features, techniques tools to support multi-GPU (mGPU) gaming. If you are indeed surprised, follow us as we take a trip through the complicated world of mGPU in PC gaming and how DirectX® 12 turns some classic wisdom on its head.



Modern multi-GPU gaming has been possible since DirectX® 9, and has certainly grown in popularity during the long-lived DirectX® 11 era. Even so, many PC games hit the market with no specific support for multi-GPU systems. These games might exhibit no performance benefits from extra GPUs or, perhaps, even lower performance. Oh no!


Our AMD Gaming Evolved program helps solve for these cases by partnering with major developers to add mGPU support to games and engines—with resounding success! For other applications not participating in the AMD Gaming Evolved program, AMD has talented software engineers that can still add AMD CrossFire™ support through a driver update.1


All of this flows from the fact that DirectX® 11 doesn’t explicitly support multiple GPUs. Certainly the API does not prevent multi-GPU configurations, but it contains few tools or features to enable it with gusto. As a result, most games have used a classic “workaround” known as Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR).


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