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    AMDSDKInstallManager.exe does not download the windows installers for the APP SDK


      I've been trying to install the APP SDK as well as the Media SDK on 64-bit Windows 8.1 Pro to no avail. When I attempt to run AMDSDKInstallManager.exe and click download, the button simply greys out for ~1 second before returning to its normal state (nothing is downloaded). Similarly, if I attempt to just press install, the installer gives me the error: "Windows cannot find C:\Users\Name\Downloads\AMD-SDKInstaller-v1.3.158-Beta-windows-W-x64.exe" and quits. I have disabled Windows firewall as well as the outbound firewall on my router to no effect. Additionally, I have no antivirus running and have attempted running the installer both as an administrator as well as as a normal user. Any ideas? If not, does anyone have the links to the offline installers for the latest APP and Media SDKs for 64-bit Windows?


      Edit: FWIW I tried the install manager under 64-bit linux running Wine and it also fails to download. Adding my computer to my network's DMZ did nothing as well, so I don't think its a network issue on my side.