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    CCC 15.7 and 15.7.1 / R9 280 antialiasing fail


      Hello, I have Windows 8.1 pro 64 bits and I have installed the version of the Catalyst Control Center 15.7.

      The problem is that in the "Application Configuration 3D" will not not me leaves change "antialiasing samples"

      I reinstalled Windows 8.1 pro ye also reinstalled the CCC 15.7 and still not let me change the antialiasing samples for games. In Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit had installed the drivers Omega and everything worked me right, I can do to solve this problem in Windows 8.1?



      thank you very much

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          Are you saying, can't  do this:-


          Works for 7970,win 8.1


          p.s.example only.

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              Exactly, I can not choose the "antialiasing samples".

              But if I choose Filter "Edge Detect" if let me choose antialiasing samples from x12 to x24, but do not want x12/x24, I just want choose x2/x4/x8 and not let me activate with the "Standard" filter


              Again, in Windows 7 64-bit and CCC 14.5 if he let me choose all samples antialiasing I wanted, now not

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                This is the exact same issue I'm having.


                Up until I updated to Windows 10 and then rolled back to Windows 7-64 bit, only to then have to reinstall Windows 7-64 bit completely, I was able to change the anti-aliasing samples. Now I can't and I'm not sure why. I had everything up-to-date then and I have everything up-to-date now. The only differences are that I can no longer change the AA samples and my screens flicker constantly for no known reason. Even after un-installing and re-installing the drivers.


                All I can say for sure is that before Windows 10, my computer worked just fine.


                EDIT: If you change to standard view from advanced view, it let's you adjust the AA. However, I'm not sure it actually works in-game or app.

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                thank you very much for responding.

                No use dual boot, I have only Windows 8.1 pro.

                I did a clean install of the driver 15.7, and did not work with standard samples antialiasing filter.

                Windows 8.1 Format 2 times, and also 15.7 driver

                It may be that I lack a Framework or something?

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                  Hello again, thanks for the reply.

                  I tried what you said but antialiasing samples still do not work at all.

                  I have also installed the latest driver from AMD and 15.7.1 does not work, now I'm on Windows 10 pro 64 bits.

                  I noticed that the last 2 AMD drivers that support Windows 10 no longer let me choose antialiasing samples from the CCC.

                  The CCC "Omega" if I left.

                  This is a problem for my graphics card is broken ?, If I take her to the store and I change it for another.

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                    Well it seems right ...

                    The latest AMD drivers R9 280 OC Dual X with support for Windows 10 are flawed.

                    Will not let me choose samples antialiasing filter and the activated standard being further in games occasionally see flashes on the screen.

                    The graphic I bought new four months ago and besides being a "rehash" over the last drivers now spoil their performance more.

                    I am very angry with the treatment of AMD to users of these graphs.