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    IMVU on Windows 10: excessive cpu usage in ntoskrnl.exe ("System") and abysmal framerates




      Since installing Windows 10 (clean install) (came from Windows 7, cannot comment on how it was in Windows 8 or 8.1):


      The issue:


           Excessive CPU usage for 'System' (ntoskrnl.exe) when running the 3D chatting program "IMVU"

                - Paired with very low framerates.



      The in-game conditions:


           - Have the rendering mode set to Direct3D (enabled by default)

                - Have "chat bubbles" enabled (enabled by default)

                     The more chat bubbles are being drawn, the higher the CPU usage on System, and the lower the framerate.

                - Floating names above avatars have the same effect, but not as badly.





           - Meanwhile, I've updated to the latest public build of Windows 10: build 10586. No improvement to this issue.

           - Also no improvement with latest Radeon Software (Crimson Edition).

           - Clean-re-installing AMD drivers does not help.

           - IMVU also has an option to render with OpenGL, in which case the issue is not present.

                But: OpenGL rendering in IMVU suffers from bad clipping in distant textures. (see bottom screenshot)

                     - The OpenGL texture clipping started happening since after a certain AMD Radeon driver update. I can't remember since which version, sorry, it has been at least 6 months if I recall correctly.

                     - This texture clipping does not occur in Direct3D rendering mode.



      There is also a discussion about this issue on the forums of IMVU: IMVU - Official Catalog



      (I have Radeon HD 7870)








      Chat bubbles and floating names:




      Texture clipping in OpenGL rendering mode: